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    Chiropractor Bergen County NJ

    Back Pain, Neck pain, Headaches, Sports Injuries, Joint Injuries

    Here at The Center For Wellness & Rehabilitation (CFWR) we take pride in providing a warm, professional, caring and healthy environment. Our mission is to provide a unique and enriching personal experience that maximizes our practice, supports our member's health, happiness, wellness, longevity and provides our clients with a place to enrich their quality of living. Here at the Center we provide many wellness and health services. Below is a list but if you visit our 'Wellness Services' section of the website you can read more about detailed services, their prices and you can even look into the staff that provides those services.

    Magnesphere Technology

    The Best Equipment

    The Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation is always up to date with the best technology to keep you living well. The Magnesphere uses non invasive technology.

    To learn more about the Magnesphere please click below.

    Learn More About Magnesphere

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    What People Are Saying

    I was ready to proceed with surgery for my Tennis Elbow. I had spent one year in PT with little to NO results. Then I was referred to Dr. Stewart for therapy. After 3 months of weekly visits my arm is healed.- RM

    “I probably wouldn't have gone without a Groupon because I didn't know it was there. The people are friendly and professional and the service I had was excellent. I was looking to try this service and the Groupon gave me the motivation. I am very happy. Highly recommend.”

    “First:Chiropractic has allowed me to do dentistry free of back pain. Second: Chiropractic has substantially increased my energy and sense of well being. Third: It has helped to overcome my overactive bladder. Thank you Dr. Stewart!”

    “The chiropractor was fantastic! My 11 year old daughter was so comfortable. He explained things to her and I. The massage therapist was also wonderful. It was the first time my daughter had a full massage. I was in there with them. Again, she was comfortable and extremely happy!!! We will definitely be going back!!!”

    “Very nice people... great tissue massage!”

    “Great massage, nice environment, friendly staff”

    “Ramone is great!”

    “I actually bought a groupon for the acupuncturist who rents space in that office - He hade special arrangements to see me and is very nice, and it’s helping the pain so far! Thank you!”