Wanna Try Healing Your Cancer Naturally?

For decades different organizations have tried raising money to find cures for cancer.  For the most part, much of the research has identified genes that are common in cancer patients, or new immunotherapy/chemotherapy/radiation treatments, but medical cures seem to be a long way off.  If we continue to look at chemicals  that are toxic to the human body, true healing will never occur.

For over a century brave doctors and non-medical healers have been thinking outside the allopathic box treating cancer victims with drastic, but effective, natural means.  For example, in 1902 the English scientist, John Beard, proposed an anticancer use for the digestive enzyme Trypsin.  Although Beard was discounted for his hypotheses regarding the origin of a cancer cell, in 2002 (100 years after Beards original work) multiple scientists are agreeing with his findings that cancer cells originate from stem cells that lose their regulatory restraint.  In 1902 Beard tested his theory by injecting Trypsin into mice who had cancer.  Remarkably, the two mice that he injected had tumors that completely regressed.  In 1906, doctors started treating their patients with two types of Trypsin in various applications and achieved favorable results.  For more than a decade doctors were using digestive enzymes as a cure for cancer.  But, like most doctors who come up with effective treatments that aren’t mainstream, the “establishment” ridiculed Beard, and the momentum of his enzyme treatment petered out.  Several doctors caught on to Beards work over the next 40 years and applied his enzyme treatments to their own patients.  However, once they tried to publish their work, the mainstream medical community veraciously squashed their efforts.  Finally, as Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez accounts in his publication “The History of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer”, Dr. Donald Kelly (professionally an orthodontist) engrossed himself in the study of Dr. Beard’s work after being diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.  By combining large doses of pancreatic enzymes with largely an organic raw food, vegetarian diet, nutritional supplements, and coffee enemas he saw his tumors, that were once palpable through the abdominal wall, regress significantly.  After his own personal experience, Dr. Kelly dedicated the rest of his life to being an Alternative Cancer Therapist and wrote the book “One Answer to Cancer” in 1969.  Dr. Gonzalez, one of the foremost MDs who successfully treats cancer patients in New York City naturally, had the pleasure of interviewing and evaluating over 1000 of Dr. Kelly’s patients.  He found that 455 of those patients did well, and in some cases, beat the odds and went into remission even in stage four of some of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

There are a number of prominent doctors in the field that are either strictly treating cancer naturally, or using a combined approach of medicine and nature.  Drs. such as Stanislaw Burzynski, James Forsythe, Russell Blaylock, and Jonathan Wright are just a few brilliant, successful physicians paving the way for naturalists to make their mark in the field of oncology.

There are so many natural substances that are known to thwart the growth of cancerous tumors.  Some basic anti-cancer principles include drinking purified water, and eating green leafy vegetables like Kale, Wheat Grass, Spinach, and Blue-Green Algae. Other superfoods such as Chlorophyll, Green Tea, Reishi Mushroom, Tumeric, Blueberry, Red and Orange Vegetables, and Acai Berry are also known to help your body resist cancer.  Some supplements that have been recommended include DHEA, Glutathione, Resveritrol, and other high level Antioxidants like OPC3.

To educate yourself about how to TREAT and PREVENT cancer naturally I highly recommend you buy the books “Knockout” by Suzanne Somers, and the highly acclaimed book “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds” by Dr. Kelly A, Turner.   These books are sure to empower even the most desperate patients in the most dire situation.