Universal Intelligence…Huh???

I’ve probably already lost you with the title.  But if you read this post you will undoubtedly understand what Universal Intelligence is and how it pertains to human health and chiropractic.

It is hard to believe that everything that happens in the universe is by chance.  If you believe in god, not sure if he exists, or you simply believe god doesn’t exist it is impossible to refute that order and purpose exists in the universe.  For example, shapes repeat themselves throughout the universe.  The most basic is a sphere.  Planets, stars, fruit, and the human egg are just a few examples of objects in the universe that are naturally spherical.  A more complex shape is the spiral.  Galaxies, hurricanes, and spirochete microbes are a few examples from around the universe that form a spiral.  Laws of attraction are also universal in many ways.  The way planets orbit around stars (the sun) through gravitational pull is eerily similar to the electrostatic attraction of electrons around the nucleus of an atom.  Lastly, elements from the periodic table found here on earth (carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and sodium) have been discovered on planets as far as 884.5 trillion miles away from earth.

So how does all this pertain to human health and chiropractic??  If you believe that the above examples of order and purpose in the universe are not by chance then you accept the idea that there is some kind of governing power in the universe.  Call it what you will.  Which means that the same powers that be designed the human body with purpose.  Did you know that the first organ that develops at the 19-22 day period after fertilization is the spinal cord (called the neural groove)?  By the end of that 3 day period cells called “Soma” are ready to start developing into all the organs of the human body, and the fetal brain begins to develop at the end of the neural groove!  Pretty amazing!

By the time the human body is fully formed and ready to be exposed to the outside world the spinal column is formed to protect the most vital organ of the body- the spinal cord.  However, from the time a fetus is developing in its mothers womb all the way through life the spine and spinal cord undergo constant stress jeopardizing communication from the brain to the organs.  Whether it is sleeping in a funny position, poor posture in front of the computer, a traumatic physical event, or advanced wear and tear in the form of arthritis the spine absolutely reduces the nervous system’s ability to control function of the organs at the highest level.  Before you know it you have a weakened immune system, have high blood pressure, incontinence, pronounced asthma, bowel problems, and more.  The universe gave us the ability to reproduce and function every second of the day without thought.  This Universal Intelligence that designed the body and flows through us as Innate Intelligence can be preserved by removing any nerve blockages caused by faulty spinal function with the help of chiropractic adjustments.  This is why chiropractic is so essential in a proactive healthy lifestyle along with healthy eating, exercise, ample sleep, and stress relief activities (having fun).