The Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment- Why Are People Scared?

Very often new patients come in and tell me they are afraid to be “cracked”.  Naturally, people use the word “cracked” because of what other people have described they felt, and because there is an audible sound with some adjustments that has a bubble wrap kind of effect.  As a result, as humans, we associated spine and snappy noises with violent action movies.  In addition, there is a bit of professional disparity between out-of-date thinking medical practitioners and chiropractors.  I often have patients tell me that their medical doctor told them that they could die or get injured by a chiropractic adjustment.  These medical practitioners never responsibly use research to back up their opinion.

The reality is that chiropractic adjustments are very safe.  The art of bone setting has been around for over 2,000 years, and the science behind chiropractic care was established in 1895.  All of the research available indicates that the chance of a severe injury from chiropractic care is, on average, less than 1:8,060,000 chiropractic visits, or 1 incident per every 48 chiropractic careers.   This was confirmed by researchers (Haldeman) who did an exhaustive search of malpractice claims over a 10 year period covering over 4,500 chiropractors in Canada.  In fact, the chances of a serious adverse reaction to a neck adjustment is equivalent to the same chance while simply walking into your medical physicians office.  This was documented in the journal SPINE in February or 2008.   Malpractice insurance for chiropractors is very low at $2,000 annually which reflects the safe nature of the profession.  Health insurance companies have been covering chiropractic care for over 35 years because it is the safest and most effective way to treat spine related pain conservatively.

Conversely, medical treatments are far more dangerous.  An article from the Journal of the American Medical Association on July, 26 in the year 2000 indicated that at least 225,000 deaths occurred due to medical intervention annually.  That included deaths from unnecessary surgery, medication errors and reactions, and hospital errors including infections.  That’s equivalent to more than 3 jumbo jets crashing every day over a year period and, at the time of the article, was the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

My purpose here is not to bash the medical community.  My son’s life, and millions of other people’s lives have been saved by modern medicine.  But, the time of double standards should end and everyone should have an opportunity to incorporate lifestyle and quality of life saving chiropractic care into their lives.  I urge everyone to not allow an opinion of others, or the sound of a treatment to discourage you from experiencing chiropractic care and its natural healing effects.