Patient Health vs Insurance Coverage

As insurance policies become more costly, healthcare coverage continues to stay the same or become less comprehensive.  Over the years I have been challenged dozens of times with the task of explaining to patients that treatment needs rarely coincide with the number of treatments the insurance company allows.  I am often asked by the patient, “How many visits do I have left?”, or “How many visits does the insurance company cover?”.  Unfortunately, it is quite common for people to take better care of their cars than their bodies.  Somehow people with insurance coverage began to think that if insurance only allows “x” number of visits, then that is all they should need.

Over the years I’ve had to be very direct with my patients telling them that they will most-likely need care beyond their insurance policy limits, and they will have to invest in improving and maintaining their health.  Those who are health oriented typically follow my recommendations and are rewarded with a better quality of life experiencing noticeably fewer episodes of pain.  Those who are medically minded only come for crisis or “illness” care and wind up having more episodes of debilitating pain that become more frequent and severe with age.

So, the take home here is to use insurance to “supplement” your personal investment in your health, but don’t allow insurance to dictate what health and wellness related services you receive.  Within reason, always incorporate services that enhance your health to avoid health crises in the future.