I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

Ever wonder why simply bending over at the waist could cause you to have intense, debilitating, low back pain? How many times have you bent over before and you didn’t have any pain at all? While you might think it’s a mystery why something like this could happen, there is actually a logical reason this may occur. Most people today are in two categories of “daily life physical activity”…repetitive movement or stationary position. If you are in construction, landscaping, a bartender, or athlete you fall in the category of repetitive movement. If you work in informational technology, finance, accounting, data processing, or banking you work long hours in a stationary position. The repetitive movement patient hurt their back while bending over because of wear, tear, and fatigue. The body finally couldn’t handle another minute of physical stress and the back gave out. The stationary position patient’s back becomes weak from poor posture AND not being physically active most of the day. So when this patient tries to bend over the weakened structures in the back aren’t strong enough to handle the physical stress. Most people will hurt their backs this way after being in one position for a long period of time- at the beginning OR end of a long day of heavy physical activity, or after sitting in from of the computer for hours on end. It could also happen in the morning while bending over in the bathroom to take something out of the vanity. To prevent acute back pain from what seems to be a meaningless movement ALWAYS keep your back straight when you bend over and bend the knees at the same time. Take frequent breaks from being in one position so you keep all the muscles and joints fresh and ready to respond to your demands. Make sure you incorporate core strengthening exercises into your fitness routine.