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    Michael C. Stewart, DC, CCSP has been practicing chiropractic for 17 years. Chiropractic methods used at the CFWR are both traditional and modern. Adjusting techniques used by Dr. Stewart have been used for over a century. However, technology also plays a significant role in diagnosing and treating practice members' health problems. X-rays, computerized testing, and traditional orthopedic and chiropractic procedures are used to pinpoint neuromusculoskeletal ailments. Treatments for Dr. Stewart's patients consist of various spinal and extremity adjusting techniques supported by therapies such as massage, stretching, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, laser light, temperature therapy, and joint taping.

    For over a century chiropractors have been helping people in the community restore their health through the chiropractic spinal adjustment. The natural approach to health is rewarding because the true effects of the treatment occur deep within the body allowing the true manifestation of health to permanently surface. , The change in spinal alignment when a spinal adjustment is performed allows the nerves that reach out from the spinal cord and brain to communicate with the rest of the body without interference or stress. As a result, the body can express its full potential and resist disease. This approach to health appreciates all the functions of the body working as one unit, as opposed to the medical model which looks at each organ individually. Chiropractic is remarkably safe and should be used by everyone to restore and maintain general health and neuromuscular function.


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