• Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation • 251 Rock Road • Glen Rock, NJ 07452
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    Michael C. Stewart, DC, CCSP is the director and sole owner of the CFWR, a wellness and rehabilitation facility that specializes in non-medicinal pain relief, rehabilitation, and health enhancing services. An emphasis is placed on long-term wellness, disease prevention, spinal health, physical stability, and stress relief.

    All chiropractic and physical therapy patients are thoroughly evaluated prior to the commencement of treatment. Both, Dr. Stewart and Paul Artale, PT are seasoned veterans in their respective fields and put patient care first. With over 28 years of experience between them there aren't many nerve, muscle, and joint conditions they haven't seen. You can be assured that the CFWR will take exceptional care of you and the ones you love.

    The CFWR is a manageable 1,170 square feet decorated to promote a relaxing and healing experience. When you enter the glass front door a professionally painted logo can be seen behind the reception desk to reinforce our commitment to excellence. A modern television is mounted on an adjacent wall to educate patients about their health, and carefully selected music can be heard in the background. Five treatment rooms are situated around a central reception area for easy access. A waterfall and other pieces of art blanket the walls to promote a feeling of warmth and purpose. Across the hall from the wellness center is our energetic physical therapist, Paul Artale, PT with all the equipment necessary to take you through all phases of injury rehabilitation. Our staff and wellness providers encourage you to experience our facility first hand.


    When a new practice member enters The Center For Wellness & Rehabilitation our staff professionally guides them through the intake process quickly and efficiently. Intake forms are filled out, insurance cards (if applicable) are copied, and any initial questions are answered. The patient is then escorted into the exam room where Dr. Stewart performs a thorough consultation and examination using both traditional and cutting edge technology. Prior to treatment, a preliminary explanation of the patient's condition is given, and the appropriate forms of treatment are chosen for the patient's individual needs. Before each treatment is applied Dr. Stewart explains what the patient will experience during the treatment.

    At the end of the first visit home care instructions are given. A description of how the new practice member should feel after the first treatment is explained. On the second visit a more thorough report of the patient's test results is given, and a more elaborate description of the patient's condition is provided. Any questions that may arise are answered at this time. Finally, a schedule of visits to rehabilitate the patient is set up for the weeks to come, and a re-exam later in the treatment program will help to determine the response to the chiropractic care that Dr. Stewart provided.

    Chiropractic vs. Medicine


    Rather then filling out paper work when you get to The Center for Wellness and Rehabilitation, just fill out the forms you will need now and bring them with you. Any and all of the forms we need from you can be found below to download, print and fill out. So next time you visit your experience can run smoothly and remain comforting from the second you walk in rather then dealing with paperwork.

    PDF Form Downloads

    Payment Options

    We accept all insurance policies.

    We are "in-network" with most plans and are happy to assist you in finding out the details of your policy. However, it is strongly recommended that you become very familiar with your coverage so there are no financial surprises during the course of your care. On occasion issues will arise that could not be anticipated and are addressed in a courteous and professional manner.

    Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, Discover Card, Visa or Mastercard.


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